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Film info: Mi último round

Film Information

Original Title Mi último round
English Title
Director Julio Jorquera
Year 2011
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 90 min
  • Roberto Farías, Hector Morales, Manuela Martelli, Gonzalo Robles, Tamara Acosta
  • Guión: Julio Jorquera Arriagada
  • Fotografía: Sergio Armstrong González


A friendship between two men turned into a love relationship –almost unexpected, almost desperate– that takes them from Southern Chile to Santiago, and tests them all through their romance. Disoriented after the death of his grandmother, twenty year-old Hugo goes to a training gym for boxers and meets Octavio, a grown fighter who also works as a hairdresser for his colleagues. Their encounter triggers a love tension the film will try to resolve with a trip that instead ends up portraying in full mode a couple’s everyday crisis in an adverse and alienating social context. Julio Jorquera’s first feature is presented as a homoerotic story that, although it goes through several topics of today’s gay culture, it manages to give a different, more dynamic perspective with a certain sociological density and no prefixed ideological agenda. And it shamelessly dives into a taboo subject like the presence of desire and homoerotism within the virile world of box.

Date and Times

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