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Film info: Day is Done

Film Information

Original Title Day is Done
English Title
Director Thomas Imbach
Year 2011
Format DCP
Colour Color
Duration 111 min
  • Director: Thomas Imbach
  • Guión: Thomas Imbach, Patrizia Stotz
  • Fotografía: Thomas Imbach, Jürg Hassler
  • Montaje: Gion Reto Killias, Thomas Imbach
  • Producción: Andrea Staka, Thomas Imbach
  • Contacto de Producción: Okofilm Productions


A billowing smokestack fills the horizon. Trains rattle-by down below. Lights come on in the buildings as night falls. There is a man behind the camera, looking for an image. Of himself? Of the world? By day and night, in rain and snow, he stands filming at the window of his studio. Periodically we hear people leaving messages on his answering machine. They report on their vacations and congratulate him on his birthday. As time passes, his father dies, a child is born, his young family begins to fall apart. Slowly the cityscape morphs into the inner landscape of the man behind the camera. Seasons change, there is lightning and thunder, snow falls and trees blossom. In the end a newly-built skyscraper dominates the landscape, eclipsing the now-familiar smokestack. Behind the images and the messages, twelve songs compose an emotional soundtrack that alternate between happiness and sadness, anger and humour. When the day is done, the film will remain: the kaleidoscope of a life.


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