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Film info: Reminiscencias

Film Information

Original Title Reminiscencias
English Title Reminiscences
Director Juan Daniel
Year 2010
Format DV Cam
Colour Color
Duration 84 min
  • Juan Daniel
  • Guión: Juan Daniel
  • Montaje: Juan Daniel
  • Producción: Juan Daniel


Cinema as a neurologic rehabilitation treatment? A lot has been written about the connection that exists between film and memory, mostly with a philosophical approach, but it is very unlikely that the first could achieve concrete results against a biological problem within the latter. Or at least that was the situation until Juan Daniel finished editing his antidote-film Reminiscencias. Indeed, the Peruvian filmmaker managed to recover from an amnesia condition by watching his own family films and videos –from 8mm footage to cell phone videos–, which he later used to make a sort of documentary about his own healing process. Apart from the medical aspect, the most impressive thing about this case is the autonomous force with which these images unite together, a procedure so blunt that it drags Reminiscencias towards the tradition of experimental cinema. And yet it never ceases to be one of the most heartbreaking documentaries about a man’s life and environment.

Date and Times

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