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Film info: Lao Wai

Film Information

Original Title Lao Wai
English Title Lao Wai
Director Fabien Gaillard
Year 2010
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 91 min
  • Barbie Han, Gauthier Roubichou, Jenevieve Chang, Jing Yi Na, Li Xun An
  • Guión: Fabien Gaillard
  • Fotografía: Gilles Labarbe, Julie Mormont
  • Montaje: Coralie Van Rietschoten
  • Producción: Gaëtan Hachez, Fabien Gaillard


Millions of people walk, get lost, and cross each other through the streets of Shanghai every day, and two of them meet by chance: the protagonists of Fabien Gaillard’s first feature. Paul/Da Bao –the Western and Eastern versions of his name– is a young French man who just like the film’s director has decided to live in this populated Chinese city. He works as a computer tech and plays in a band, or rather joins a group of friends he plays with in bars mixing the most diverse languages and sounds. But then, one afternoon, Paul meets Mei, who teaches Chinese to foreigners, and they immediately start a relationship. They get along so well that the story seems to focus on the chances two regular people have to meet and attract each other, rather than the foreseeable course of cultural clash or exchange. When they move in together the story turns to Wuhan following Mei, who in the middle of a couple crisis travels alone to her parents’ home: it will be up to Paul to take on the hard task of getting her back.

Date and Times

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