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Film info: Cave of Forgotten Dreams

Film Information

Original Title Cave of Forgotten Dreams
English Title Cave of Forgotten Dreams
Director Werner Herzog
Year 2010
Format 3D
Colour Color
Duration 90 min
  • Werner Herzog
  • Proyección 3 D
  • Guión: Werner Herzog
  • Fotografía: Peter Zeitlinger
  • Montaje: Joe Bini, Maya Hawke
  • Producción: Erik Nelson, Adrienne Ciuffo


Using a quote from experimental filmmaker Ken Jacobs, who’s an undisputed expert in cinematographic three dimension understood as a game of textures and atmospheres, film critic J. Hoberman reached the conclusion that “3-D is an attraction that has little to do with, and may even detract from, narrative”. It’s seemingly the same criteria used by Herzog in the making of his first film “to be watched with 3D glasses”; a documentary about the cave Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc that was discovered in 1994 in Southern France and features human paintings made some 32 thousand years ago. Like he did in almost all of his recent films, the German filmmaker alternates his story with talking heads –who are inquired following a single, question/answer logic– and footage of the darkest areas in the planet in order to reflect on the role of man in the middle of the untamable nature. In the case of Cave of Forgotten Dreams, that reflection aims for a radically perceptive and unforgettable experience.

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