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Film info: True Love

Film Information

Original Title True Love
English Title True Love
Director Ion de Sosa
Year 2010
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 70 min
  • Ion de Sosa, Marta Bassols
  • Director: Ion de Sosa
  • Guión: Ion de Sosa
  • Fotografía: Ion de Sosa
  • Montaje: César Velasco Broca, Ion de Sosa
  • Producción: César Velasco Broca
  • Contacto de Producción: Regan & Velasco, Kinora Films


Streets, bars, building facades and a Berlin apartment through which friends and love interests parade through. Or, to be more precise, love. To put it all in one single name: Marta. A break-up chronicle, True Love could have been a pitiful and self-indulging film, a revenge gesture, a whine about an unrequited love. Instead, True Love is a radical cinematographic Do It Yourself gesture that displaces attention from romantic scenes and focuses it towards its most bland settings shot in 16mm. Streets, bars, building facades, and a Berlin apartment –and an asbestos-made zombie thrown in there as well. With his first film, Ion de Sosa enrolls straight into a young generation of Spanish filmmakers who stand on the margins and torpedo not just Spanish commercial cinema, but –and this is a lot more fun– the totems of auteur cinema and certain documentary style (orbiting around Barcelona) that imposed itself as the only true one. Ion doesn’t use digital video like Andrés Duque, Lluís Escartín or Los Hijos, but he does share with them a healthy, troublemaking iconoclasm marked by a deep freedom in form and substance, which considers cinema to be dead and is thus determined to enjoy it for life. With a true love for it.



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