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Film info: The Last Buffalo Hunt

Film Information

Original Title The Last Buffalo Hunt
English Title The Last Buffalo Hunt
Director Lee Anne Schmitt
Year 2011
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 75 min
  • GUIÓN: Lee Anne Schmitt
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: David Fenster, James Laxton, Lee Anne Schmitt, Lee Lynch
  • MONTAJE: Lee Anne Schmitt
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Lee Lynch, Lee Anne Schmitt


The Last Buffalo Hunt is not a documentary about hunting buffalos, and certainly not about the last one. But this is not because –as purists like to point out– the denomination “buffalo” (a name shared by many African and Asian species) is not the right word to describe the almost extinct American bison, but because –as we know now thanks to California Company Town– Lee Anne Schmitt is intrigued by some other disappearances: the one of American landscapes and their typical way of life, as well as the powerful connections there once were between them. The Last Buffalo Hunt is the result of five years of following a veteran guide who’s job is to control which and how many animals are hunted in the impressive Henry mountains in Utah; and it portrays a land that remains tied to empty symbols and cornered by the very same paradoxes of its history: plastic tepees, casinos shaped like twelve stories high stables, and advertising signs featuring Indians who were actually kicked out from that territory a long time ago. By confronting these images with the ones of a retreating nature, Schmitt questions the authenticity of the myth of the American cowboy, among many others.

Date and Times

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