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Film info: San Antonio

Film Information

Original Title San Antonio
English Title
Director Álvaro Olmos
Year 2011
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 80 min
  • Guión: Álvaro Olmos
  • Fotografía: Álvaro Olmos, Hernán Luna
  • Montaje: Juan Pablo Di Bitonto
  • Producción: Juan Pablo Di Bitonto, Martín Boulocq


The San Antonio penitentiary in Cochabamba is Bolivia’s smallest prison. From that information, it’s not hard to deduce that overpopulation and overcrowding conditions that are so common in Latin American prisons reach some horrific levels in this case. But one thing is to deduce it, and another one is to observe it from the inside, like Olmos documentary does revealing an incredible miniature prison-city where inmates are allowed to live with their families (or spent the night with prostitutes) and set their own business (legal or not), while the State and the society doesn’t seem to care much. Three parallel stories structure the film. There is Ramón, who is there for drug-trafficking and disguises himself as a clown for the kids who live in the prison. There’s Sergio, a gang member who is accused of committing a double homicide and waits for his trial while making tattoos, selling drugs, and recording a hip hop record. And there’s Guery’s, a thief who just wants to get out of San Antonio so he can go back to stealing. Life stores like so many others, which reveal many of the complexities, contradictions, and social debts of Latin American societies.

Date and Times

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