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Film info: The Advocate for Fagdom

Film Information

Original Title The Advocate for Fagdom
English Title The Advocate for Fagdom
Director Angélique Bosio
Year 2011
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 92 min
  • Bruce LaBruce, John Waters, Richard Kern, Susanne Sachsse, Jack Sergeant
  • Producción: Gildas Le Tourneur Hugon, Stéphane Bouye


John Waters, Harmony Korine, Bruce Benderson, Gus Van Sant, Richard Kern and Jack Sargeant are some of the names in the list of people conspiring for the most intense and radical pleasure, a fact Canadian filmmaker Bruce LaBruce (whose films were screened in a retrospective in Bafici 01) has been aware of for over two decades. A tip of the arrow for the Queercore movement –that corner with no traffic lights where underground, activist, horror, and porn cinema all crash against each other– Bruce LaBruce’s art is hybrid and repulsive in its simple and explicit imagery, but it is also –as this documentary by Angélique Bosio (who also made another rescue of the No Wave movement with Llick Your Idols) will show– charged with an extraordinary sensitivity. Because behind all the hardcore scenes and violence destroying every stereotype of political correctness, there’s a counterpoint that reminds us that every transgression is, first of all, human. And anyone holding doubts about this should cross to the other theater and catch LaBruce’s latest opus L.A. Zombie, also screened in this edition of the festival.

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