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Film info: Too Much Pussy!

Film Information

Original Title Too Much Pussy!
English Title Too Much Pussy!
Director Emilie Jouvet
Year 2010
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 98 min
  • Judy Minx, Wendy Delorme, DJ Metzgerei, Sadie Lune, Mad Kate
  • Guión: Emilie Jouvet, Wendy Delorme
  • Fotografía: Emilie Jouvet
  • Montaje: Valerie Mitteaux, Emilie Jouvet
  • Producción: Emilie Jouvet, JP Zirn, Jürgen Brüning


An international group of queer performers create a new subgenre: the vaginal road movie. This band of road-girls are over-the-top outrageous, showing their crazy fantasies in the open while staging porn-art shows during an European tour; for the pleasure of those who consider and practice sex as absolute freedom. Feminism and post-feminism, porn and post-porn, with some of the spirit from Annie Sprinkle, or the festive perversion of John Waters, the camera follows the sexual and mental life of some seven women (scholars, activists, and artists) who put their own body on the edge in order to find out how far they can experience pleasure. This trip might feature an overdose of queer exhibitionism –some images are surely unforgettable– but it also provides the most intelligent way in which we can think about gender, desire, and the freedom to create unprecedented pleasures. The title is very clear: it’s a real cunt of a documentary.

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