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Film info: Un ángel del pantano

Film Information

Original Title Un ángel del pantano
English Title An Angel of the Swamp
Director Oscar Campo
Year 1999
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 50 min
  • Guión: Oscar Campo
  • Fotografía: Diego Jiménez
  • Montaje: Oscar Campo


Guillermo Lemos was one of the few good friends of writer Andrés Caicedo. Caicedo dedicated to him his short story “El atravesado” and did the same for Lemos’ sister Clarisol with his novel ¡Qué viva la música!, which he got fresh out the printer on the same day he decided to take 60 deadly pills, at age 25. Two decades after that day when the Caicedo myth was born, Lemos walks through the streets of Cali like a paria, a ghost, or the survivor of a catastrophic event: in some way, he is all those things. Lemos reads a text of his own over archive images, pictures of the city, or some reenactment performed by himself, while remembering and trying to understand what happened with his life, his friends, and his country during so many dark years. And even when he doesn’t find any definitive answers, he still delivers a broken portrait of a generation that got lost in labyrinths that were either self-imposed or resignedly accepted: drugs, gangs, and the crossing fire of recent Colombian history. A generation that as if that wasn’t enough, was deprived to soon of one of their beacons: someone who refused to betray himself by getting old.

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