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Film info: Negative History of Hungarian Cinema

Film Information

Original Title Negative History of Hungarian Cinema
English Title Negative History of Hungarian Cinema
Director Gyula Nemes
Year 2010
Format Betacam
Colour Color + B&W
Duration 47 min
  • Ferenc András, Lauro István Bácskai, Tamás Banovich, István Dárday, János Dömölky
  • Guión: Gyula Nemes, Péter Lichter, Gábor Farkas
  • Fotografía: Balász Dobóczi
  • Montaje: Péter Lichter, Gábor Farkas
  • Prducción: Gyula Nemes


Uruguayan film critic Homero Alsina Thevenet dedicated part of his life to the study and reconstruction of every form of censorship cases in cinema. Even a film project that wouldn’t end up being made was for him an example of how censorship works. This documentary by Gyula Nemes seems to follow Thevenet’s steps to ask how the history of Hungarian cinema would have turn out to be if a series of films that never got to be shot would actually exist. Apart from the intimate testimonies from filmmakers who couldn’t realize their projects, he also finds footprints that form a multiple story crossed by politics, film industry logic, personal frustrations, and, in short, the fate of an entire nation. Unknown filmmakers –but also Márta Mészáros and Miklós Jancsó– present fragments from their own unfinished films, as well as acting auditions, storyboards, scripts, or just plain memories from the fascinating non-history of Hungarian cinema.

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