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Film info: The Bowler and the Bunnet

Film Information

Original Title The Bowler and the Bunnet
English Title The Bowler and the Bunnet
Director Sean Connery
Year 1967
Format Digibeta
Colour B&W
Duration 47 min
  • Sean Connery


As incredible as may sound, even for his most unconditional fans, the information is true: Sean Connery directed a film. And not just any kind of film: a documentary. And not just any kind of documentary, but one about the labor crisis in the Glasgow shipyards in 1967; the year when the Scottish emigration skyrocketed due to one of the worst economic meltdowns in the history of the country. Yes, beret aside, Connery grabbed a camera and went out to film his homeland with an eye pointed at the dismantling of the heavy industry and the impact new government policies had in a town, but he does so without ever loosing that dandy-like, slick quality that’s so typical of him (and for which he surely was targeted for criticism at the time of the film’s premiere). Because whether his acting or denouncing, Connery is still Connery, and that seems to be the first thing that comes to you when watching The Bowler and the Bunnet: the fact that cinematographic seriousness and social commitment can also be rethought against all prejudice.

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