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Film info: El provocador, primeiro filme en portuñol

Film Information

Original Title El provocador, primeiro filme en portuñol
English Title The Provocateur, First Film in Portunhol
Directors Silvia Maturana, Pablo Navarro Espejo
Marcel Gonnet Wainmayer
Year 2011
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 86 min
  • Guión: Silvia Maturana, Marcel Gonnet Wainmayer, Pablo Navarro Espejo
  • Fotografía: Mónica Simoncini
  • Montaje: Adrián Irace


The title’s agitator is Juan Oviedo, a stage actor and director who spent nearly the same amount of time on stages scattered through different countries as prison cells. And the reason behind the portuñol Uviedo speaks today is that he lives in the small Brazilian town of São Thomé das Letras, after his last stint in the prison of Santa Fé. But we should go back in time to better explain the man and his circumstances. In the height of the military dictatorship, a group of young left-wing activists decided to study theatre as a way to continue his political activity without completely assuming the clandestine life State repression was pushing them into. That’s when Uviedo and his provocations entered the stage: the groundbreaking (in every sense of the word) Stage Research Workshop. After he was forced to leave Brazil, his disciples followed him and created an organization dedicated to shelter poor children. There, the old master still continues to work today as a shaman who supports the group, and remains true to his principles; he’s still provocative, challenging, and believes art and creation are the best weapons to defeat the evils of this world.

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