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Film info: Aita. Carta al hijo

Film Information

Original Title Aita. Carta al hijo
English Title
Director José María de Orbe
Year 2010
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 50 min


My original drive to make Aita was to leave a legacy for my son concerning the abandonment of our family house. To build where decadence and lost reigned. Aita was born as a letter-spirited film, made with many real elements that needed to become a fiction. I shot many scenes in which the house guard would find and read real family letters. During the editing process I realized the film was asking me to turn into another direction, and so I ruled out the scenes with the letters. When Luis Miñarro came to me with the idea of including one of the first cuts as a bonus material in the DVD edition, I rescued the original idea of including the letters in the film. I rewrote a fictional letter and introduced into a more austere and essential cut that disregarded all characters except for the Guard and the House. The result was Aita. Carta al hijo, a different version of the film, which I think complements the other one.


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