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Film info: Behind the Red Motel Door

Film Information

Original Title Behind the Red Motel Door
English Title Behind the Red Motel Door
Director TheWorldFamous Ike
Year 2011
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 94 min
  • Kenneth Sears, Satoshi Matsuoka, Alfredo Maduro, Teryl Brouillette, Michael Kearns
  • Guión: TheWorldFamous Ike
  • Fotografía: Evel Natanas
  • Montaje: Evel Natanas
  • Producción: TheWorldFamous Ike, Evel Natanas, Susan Johnston


A typical American family goes on a typical trip to Disneyland. They make an unexpected stop at a dubious motel by the side of Route 66. And what hides lies behind the motel’s eleven red doors is what someone –at the time of the film’s recent premiere in Rotterdam– described better than anyone as some “crazy shit”: an explosive combo of delinquency, drugs, sex, and even some illegal dentist practice. In order to make his peculiar tribute to Hitchcock’s The Rope (it was actually going to be called “Soap on a Rope”), TWF Ike recorded his 38 actors in a shoot that only took two days, making the most out of the flexibility and efficiency of new digital cameras, which were placed almost literally on every corner of the rooms. This self-imposed film challenge results in a very dark comedy with a truly choral spirit (none of the characters appear on the screen for more than ten minutes), which takes on a frenzied real time in one single, terrible, and possibly fatal night for our typical American family. We don’t know if Hitchcock would have liked this, but surely Roger Corman is more than proud.

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