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Film info: Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then

Film Information

Original Title Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then
English Title Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then
Director Brent Green
Year 2010
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 75 min
  • Mike McGinley, Donna K.
  • Guión: Brent Green, Donna Kozloskie, Mike McGinley


When Mary falls ill, her husband Leonard decides to build a house for her so she will heel. Which is strange, OK, but not that much so for this couple, who met and fell in love during a car accident, and whose male partner is sketched according to the infinite life of Leonard Wood (the American doctor and military officer born in the 19th century who, among other things, was an Army’s Chief of Staffgovernor of Cuba and the Philippines, and captain of the football team he himself ran). That’s a thin thread for a film that seems to grow wider and wider up to the point of exploding into a million pieces –literally. Or isn’t that one of the feelings that come from seeing this film, which features real flesh and blood actors entirely animated frame by frame in the backyard of the filmmaker’s home? In fact, the first screenings of the film featured live sound with a narrator and an orchestra, as way to stress its unarticulated physical quality. The film’s title, half way between an elegiac reflection and its consequent stand, might have something to do with that.

Date and Times

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