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Film info: La vida útil

Film Information

Original Title La vida útil
English Title A Useful Life
Director Federico Veiroj
Year 2010
Format 35 mm
Colour B&W
Duration 67 min
  • Jorge Jellinek, Manuel Martínez Carril, Paola Venditto
  • Guión: Inés Bortagaray, Arauco Hernández, Gonzalo Delgado, Federico Veiroj
  • Fotografía: Arauco Hernández
  • Montaje: Arauco Hernández, Federico Veiroj
  • Producción: Laura Gutman, Juan José López


In the recent boom of digital formats cinema already experienced several crisis and transformations, which affected films in all of their phases, from production to circulation, and radically changed the habits of spectators. Like an echo of that situation, a Cinematheque in Montevideo needs to rethink its current situation, which implies that Jorge, who has been a programmer and projectionist for 25 years, must face a change in his life. With no documentary intention –even if it suggests a current conflict within the Uruguayan Cinematheque– and, more important, without the usual apocalyptic or nostalgic feel present in the stories about the end of cinema as we know it, Federico Veiroj traces a path where cinephilia is not anchored in the past but reinvented to create a possible future, a perhaps more prosperous and surely more vital one. A real tour de force that freely absorbs genre elements and surprises for its economy of resources, A Useful Life challenges boundaries to produce new forms of purely cinematographic emotion.


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