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Film info: Norberto apenas tarde

Film Information

Original Title Norberto apenas tarde
English Title Norberto's Deadline
Director Daniel Hendler
Year 2010
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 88 min
  • Fernando Amaral, Eugenia Guerty, César Troncoso, Roberto Suárez, Silvina Sabater
  • Guión: Daniel Hendler
  • Fotografía: Arauco Hernández
  • Montaje: Andrés Tambornino
  • Producción: Micaela Solé, Daniel Hendler, Sebastián Aloi


Changes suddenly pile up in Norberto’s life. First he looses his job, although he later gets one in a real estate agency. At the same time, he starts to participate in a theater company, partly because his new boss recommended it, and partly because he sees as play that gets him strangely fascinated. Almost split in two, a person and a character, a mask and a face, Norberto enters new crisis with every step he takes, with his partner but also in any new situation of his new life. They are tiny crisis, though, because Daniel Hendler’s first film shows remarkable subtlety when building a stealthy and strong narrative that opens up to a Montevideo-set adventure where humor, mystery, and dramatic tension –among other nuances– are constantly entering and leaving the screen. Rather than a reflection on his own métier, which is acting, Hendler shows he can sustain a precise mise en scène that “barely” reveals itself –in the form of the great classical masters– and develops a contemporary storytelling that celebrates small lives as great reinventions.


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