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Film info: I Was A Swiss Banker

Film Information

Original Title I Was A Swiss Banker
English Title I Was A Swiss Banker
Director Thomas Imbach
Year 2007
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 75 min
  • Beat Marti, Laura Drasbaek, Anne-Grethe Bjraup Riis, Sandra Medina, Helena Af Sandeberg
  • Guión: Thomas Imbach, Eva Kammerer, Jürg Hassler
  • Fotografía: Jürg Hassler, Thomas Imbach
  • Montaje: Thomas Imbach, Jürg Hassler, Patrizia Stotz
  • Producción: Thomas Imbach


Roger is a young, dashing banker full of boyish self-confidence. He has a highly successful business, smuggling black money across the border for reinvestment. But then a split second reaction changes his entire life. Flagged down one day by a customs officer, Roger loses his cool and makes a run for it. His only means of escape: diving headlong into Lake Constance, thereby catapulting himself out of his life as a banker and into a totally new universe, populated with shy mermaids decked out in Lara Croft gear, and cunning magpie witches in helicopters. As in a Grimm Brothers fairy tale, Roger has to pass three tests to cast off the witch’s curse and find happiness. His underwater journey through an intoxicatingly beautiful Switzerland is enhanced by the enchanting songs of sirens, in this fable full of lust for life and love.


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