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Film info: Oki’s Movie

Film Information

Original Title Oki’s Movie
English Title Oki’s Movie
Director Hong Sang-soo
Year 2010
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 80 min
  • Lee Sun-kyun, Jung Yu-mi, Moon Sung-keun
  • Guión: Hong Sang-soo
  • Fotografía: Park Hong-yeol, Jee Yune-jeong
  • Montaje: Hahm Sung-won
  • Producción: Kim Kyoung-hee


In the beginning, a film teacher tells his student that the important thing is to find the form, and the rest will roll down from there. Hong Sang-soo, one of the (few) important filmmakers of the 21st century, challenges us to identify the form in Oki’s Movie: are we watching one of his typical love triangles –now told in four parts– or the short films the characters make as directors? The result is very mysterious, because characters have doubles, and the past and the present are both reflected on the passions of others. It’s as if desire would be endlessly incarnated in the same situation –a woman between two men of different ages– and personal and professional growth would be reduced to occupying those slots marked by hierarchy, falseness, and treason that were previously assigned by the powers to be. Hong’s cinema insistently looks for forms that remain true to the dance of real but won’t abide that art should have an inside and outside.

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