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Film info: Dharma Guns

Film Information

Original Title Dharma Guns
English Title Dharma Guns
Director F.J. Ossang
Year 2010
Format 35 mm
Colour Color + B&W
Duration 93 min
  • Guy McKnight, Elvire, Lionel Tua, Diogo Doria
  • Guión: F.J. Ossang
  • Fotografía: Gleb Teleshov
  • Montaje: F.J. Ossang, JC Sanchez
  • Producción: F.J. Ossang


In a twinkling black and white, a femme fatale drives a boat that drags a water skier. The industrial rock music thundering over this first sequence leaves no room for doubts: we’re entering F.J. Ossang territory; a fortified island inhabited by the ghosts of Artaud, Guy Debord, and Jacques Tourneur. Perverting a Kerouac title –but close in spirit to Burroughs’ meta-psychic speculations– the French underground warrior-poet manufactures yet another one of his hallucinated nightmares that kicks off with the death (in that nautical scene) of his eternal alter ego Guy McKnight. What follows can only be described as the reconstruction of what goes through his brain during the journey to the beyond; or as an epic trip through the nervous system amidst genetic doubles, spirals, and fog. Or, according to Nicole Brenez, as “a poetry of the final images, vertigo fits, and psychological paybacks that invade our brain when death approaches –the gleams and flashes Ossang can still find and extract from his much-loved silver celluloid.”

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