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Film info: Tan atentos

Film Information

Original Title Tan atentos
English Title Beware
Director Eduardo Williams
Year 2010
Colour Color
Duration 8 min
  • Lucas Escariz, Maximiliano Villalba, Jerónimo Quevedo, Nicolás Medina, Marcelo Rasch
  • Guión: Eduardo Williams
  • Fotografía: Joaquín Neira
  • Montaje: Eduardo Williams
  • Producción: Alexan Sarikamichian, Agustín Adba


The supermarket is filled with products, but there’s no one there. Oh, yes, there’s one kid. But he doesn’t walk as if he was in a supermarket. His friends fight with the cashier, they’re looking for something she says it doesn’t exist. Later on the streets they are a group again, they walk and talk like they do every night. They all want time to go by as it always does.

Date and Times

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