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Film info: La gallina degollada

Film Information

Original Title La gallina degollada
English Title The Decapitated Chicken
Director Paulo Pécora
Year 2011
Format Betacam
Colour Color
Duration 20 min
  • Raquel Masci, Natalia Festa, Luciana Passerini, Agustina Pinto, Matías Perego
  • Guión: Paulo Pécora, Ana Fresco
  • Fotografía: Paulo Pécora
  • Montaje: Mariano Juárez
  • Producción: Paulo Pécora


“The four idiot kids of the Mazzini-Ferraz family were sitting all day on a bench in the yard. They had their tongues between their lips, stupid eyes, and turned their heads with their mouth open.” An improvisation based on the short story “La gallina degollada”, by Horacio Quiroga.

Date and Times

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