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Film info: Enero

Film Information

Original Title Enero
English Title January
Directors Cynthia Gabrenja
Marcelo Scoccia
Year 2010
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 70 min
  • Emiliano Portino, Flora Gró, Alberto Rojas Apel, Josefina Recio, Vanina Montes
  • Guión: Cynthia Grabenja, Marcelo Scoccia
  • Ftgrafía: Guido Rodríguez Limardo
  • Montaje: Javier Kaplan
  • Producción: Cynthia Grabenja, Marcelo Scoccia


Iván is a pianist, but ever since an accident he feels responsible for has left his wife in a coma, he can’t sit in front of a piano. His recent narcoleptic episodes transport him to a different, quieter world that makes him forget about his artistic blockade, a very slow trial, and his wife’s lethargy. In that time that seems to be moving in circles, music is once again what might bring him back to life when someone proposes him to create a requiem for his late master Mauricio Kagel. His therapy sessions, subway rides, supermarket shopping, his whole everyday life is then altered by the idea of finishing that composition. With some agile storytelling and an economic mise en scène with no disregard for the materials is made of, Enero enables an empathy with its lead character without falling into the easy trick of sorrow or sympathy. This debut film by Cynthia Gabrenja and Marcelo Scoccia manages to tell a story about something as abstract as life and inspiration by clinging to the basic and concrete principles of narration, distancing from typical topics of standard independent cinema.


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