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Film info: Las piedras

Film Information

Original Title Las piedras
English Title The Stones
Director Román Cárdenas
Year 2011
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 75 min
  • Román Cárdenas, Mariana Padial, Nicolás Bellati, Josefina Luchessi
  • Guión: Román Cárdenas
  • Fotografía: Victoria Deluca
  • Montaje: Leandro Aste
  • Producción: La flor del fango, Minerva M.


A couple who barely sees each other anymore lives on a house on the Delta among a quietness that is barely interrupted by the boats’ engines. He’s a writer waiting for the words to come; she’s the somewhat alienated employee of a fumigation service company. The crisis in the relationship (with domestic issues, themselves, writing, their present) seems to extend to personal journeys that mix an introspective interior with a particularly silent and rather hypnotic transit through the world. There’s a contemplative realism holding everything, partly as kind of a perplex eye, but also as a way to analyze a strange corruption where the ordinary is transformed, and the prosaic is reflected in the undulating waters of the river until it shows a different face. But a character’s unexpected change of direction will change his life, and the film’s tone… This first film directed, written, and starred by Román Cárdenas bets on a visual storytelling with brief interruptions by words, where everyday life can coexist and blur together with mystery, absurdity, and revelation.

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