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Film info: The Affair

Film Information

Original Title The Affair
English Title Jôen
Director Kijû Yoshida
Year 2010
Format 35 mm
Colour B&W
Duration 101 min
  • Mariko Okada, Yoshie Minami, Tadahiko Sugano, Shogako Shimegi, Isao Kimura
  • Guión: Kijû Yoshida
  • Fotografía: Mitsuji Kanau


A representative installment in Yoshida’s series of so-called “anti-melodramas”, which although being directed by a man form one of the few instances of filmmaking from the female point of view in the overwhelmingly male-dominated Japanese cinema. To quote Yoshida, “Women, who are the object of male desire, have the freedom to look back. This woman takes up the challenge by turning this freedom into a weapon sharpened to the last point.” The stoic Oriko, embarrased as a girl by the licentiousness of her mother in her relations with younger lovers –even from a lower class– gradually discovers her own sexuality and finds herself tracing the footsteps of her mother. The trail even leads to the same men, although she will make different decisions. A visually beautiful film, with an archaic touch as it is set in the ancient capital of Kamakura and Mariko Okada most of the time is dressed in kimono.


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