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Film info: Novias - Madrinas - 15 años

Film Information

Original Title Novias - Madrinas - 15 años
English Title Brides - Godmothers - 15 Years
Directors Diego Levy
Pablo Levy
Year 2011
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 60 min
  • José Antonio Espido, Héctor Alberto Pasalaqua, Moisés Khabie, Elías Levy, Pablo Sayago
  • Guión: Diego Levy, Pablo Levy
  • Fotografía: Diego Levy, Pablo Levy
  • Montaje: Diego Levy, Pablo Levy
  • Producción: Diego Levy, Pablo Levy


The Levy brothers take a simple yet often forgotten premise: portraying a world they are very familiar with (a silk shop owned by their father, “Negro” Levy, located in the Once neighborhood in Buenos Aires) and try to make it attractive for the people who are less familiar with, or just plain doesn’t know it at all. The world they are focusing on is a group of men who are not soldiers, engineers, a 5 men soccer team or a band of comedians, they are salesmen. Fabric sales men, to be precise; quality fabrics for party dresses, fabrics they themselves will never wear and yet sell like lions to a legion of brides, bridesmaids, and birthday girls who walk up and down Azcuénaga street in search of a little glamour. The amount of paradoxes in this description is widely multiplied and that’s what makes this film –set in one single place– so charming. That, and its protagonists, the silk shop salesmen, a dying breed whose job is more risky than the soldiers’, more precise that the engineers’, more exhausting than soccer players’ and, undoubtedly and despite everything, more fun than comedians’.


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