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Film info: Separado!

Film Information

Original Title Separado!
English Title
Directors Dylan Goch
Gruff Rhys
Year 2010
Format Betacam
Colour Color
Duration 84 min
  • Gruff Rhys, Tony da Gatorra, Rene Griffiths
  • Guión: Gruff Rhys
  • Montaje: Dylan Goch
  • Producción: Catryn Ramasut


What does Super Furry Animals frontman Gruff Rhys, and René Griffiths –a ’70s singer dressed as a Patagonian gaucho who sings “Una muchacha y una guitarra” and “Las chicas de Gaiman”– have in common? They’re uncle and nephew. Rene lives in Patagonia because his family arrived there just like so many other Welsh immigrants who were promised a place as green as their native Wales. Gruff Rhys takes off from Wales to southern Brazil, and then to Argentina in search of their unknown family members, especially his uncle, a key figure in his choice of becoming a musician. Rhys and Dylan Goch direct this trip-film with grace, delirium, changes of rhythm, humor, and very good eyes and ears for all the strange and fabulous things they find here, there, and beyond, in a land that’s almost fantastic but real. Right there among a Power Ranger-like suit, ancient horse jousts, many songs, and several languages, is where Separado! finds its destination of fun and astonishment, a crossroads where pop meets tradition.


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