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Film info: Je suis un No Man's Land

Film Information

Original Title Je suis un No Man's Land
English Title Unplugged
Director Thierry Jousse
Year 2010
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 92 min
  • Philippe Katerine, Julie Depardieu, Aurore Clément, Jackie Berroyer, Judith Chemla
  • Guión: Mylene Mostini
  • Montaje: Albane Peñaranda
  • Producción: Laetitia Fevre


Je suis un No Man’s Land confirms what Les Invisibles had already suggested in this very same festival screens five years ago: his director Thierry Jousse is interested in stories that won’t sit still. Far from that thriller that placed him near the best De Palma, his new film sets in motion a different, almost opposing, absurd and funny world set on a lost farm in the French countryside. A sort of Groundhog Day pointed at the past, the plot follows Philippe, a musician who plays a gig in his home town and wakes up the morning after in his parents’ house only to discover a strange spell transported him back to his childhood, and he doesn’t know how to get back to the present. Trapped in that time gap, he will have to find the keys that would help him get back to his life without destroying everything he already experienced. Could the answer lie on that groupie who stalked him after the concert? Or in his childhood clothes, which are still intact? Or maybe that mysterious lady who watches birds at night has something to do with all this?

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