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Film info: She Monkeys

Film Information

Original Title She Monkeys
English Title She Monkeys
Director Lisa Aschan
Year 2011
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 84 min
  • Mathilda Paradeiser, Linda Molin, Isabella Lindquist, Sergej Merkusjev, Adam Lundgren.
  • Guión: Lisa Aschan, Josefine Adolfsson
  • Fotografía: Linda Wassberg
  • Montaje: Kristofer Nordin
  • Producción: Helene Lindholm


When Emma meets Cassandra, they start a relationship filled with physical and psychological challenges. Emma does whatever it takes to master the rules of the game. Lines are crossed and the stakes get higher and higher. But, despite this, Emma can’t resist the intoxicating feeling of having total control. According to its director Lisa Aschan, “She Monkeys plays with the rules of human behavior. I want to explore society’s contradictions by allowing young women to perform brutal actions. To show these taboos in contrast with innocence and what appears to be naïve. The story’s focus is a power play between two teenage girls and the world around them. They’re in constant competition. They swing between controlling and being controlled. I’m interested in depicting duplicity and uncertainty; portraying people as individuals, but also as part of a much larger structure”.

Date and Times

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