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Film info: Vaquero

Film Information

Original Title Vaquero
English Title
Director Juan Minujín
Year 2011
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 87 min
  • Guillermo Arengo, Daniel Fanego, Pilar Gamboa, Juan Minujín, Esmeralda Mitre, Leonardo Sbaraglia.
  • Guión: Juan Minujín, Facundo Agrelo
  • Fotografía: Lucio Bonelli
  • Montaje: Pablo Barbieri
  • Producción: Diego Dubcovsky, Sebastián Ponce.


“Ok, I need to stop, clear my head for a few hours… ¿Clear your head for a few hours? Idiot ¿What are you, in some kind of aspirin commercial? Clear your head for a few hours?!” That’s the way Dissatisfied Argentine Actor Julián Lamar thinks, and from there, he can even reach some higher levels of rage. He’s dissatisfied with his career, his work environment, and his “fellow artists”. Julián Lamar is a whiner –in the best tradition of Ignatius J. Reilly from A Confederacy of Dunces– with a mind that never stops bursting out with insults and describes the world in such a grotesque way –with the poisonous darts of a connoisseur– that it ends up being a grotesque character himself. Julián Lamar wants to get a role in an American western that will be shot in Argentina; he wants to be more than everyone. But the distance it exists between the position his desire places him in and his concrete artistic and vital performances actually provides the room for this lucid and merciless comedy directed and starred by Juan Minujín. A film featuring a cast where everyone is in a state of grace, Vaquero is the directorial debut that will kick off this Bafici while opening a new way for Argentine cinema.

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