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Film info: Silver Forest

Film Information

Original Title Silver Forest
English Title Silver Forest
Director Christine Repond
Year 2011
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 90 min
  • Saladin Dellers, Naftali Wyler, Basil Medici, Naemi Eggiman, Heidi Zuger.
  • Guión: Christine Repond
  • Fotografía: Michael Leuthner
  • Montaje: Ulrike Tortora
  • Producción: Mathias Allary, Karin Koch


School is over but Sascha (Saladin Dellers) continues to be trapped in the inertia of a life in which everything was programmed by others, so he’s finding it difficult to go on independently. His mother urges him to either go to college or find himself an occupation. His friends get together to drink beer and watch the hours go by, or mess around with the urban furniture late at night. With a toughness that feels either tender or threatening depending on the situation, Sascha stumbles to find a routine that includes working in a forest near the town cutting trees and carrying firewood. There, he finds a hidden house inhabited buy people he will be amused and fascinated by. This debut film surprises you for the concise way it fits the pieces of the plot together –even when at times it seems to only describe life in a country town– as well as for its characters’ emotional nudity and the great use of snowed landscapes, a symbol for purity but also an arid place that awakes the most primitive impulses.

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