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Film info: The Wanderer

Film Information

Original Title The Wanderer
English Title The Wanderer
Director Avishai Sivan
Year 2010
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 83 min
  • Omri Fuhrer, Ali Nassar, Ronit Peled, Shani Ben-Haim
  • Guión: Avishai Sivan
  • Fotografía: Shai Goldman
  • Montaje: Nili Feller, Avishai Sivan
  • Producción: Keren Michael, Shai Goldman, Redi Sivan, Avishai Sivan


Adolescence is one of those favorite moments of cinema because of its infinite possibilities of representation and storytelling. That’s the situation of Isaac, a young man in a less than favorable position: he’s the only son of a Jewish orthodox couple, so every family and religious mandate you can think of falls on him. As he studies at the yeshiva, the poor protagonist’s head turns into a battlefield for multiple and contradictory ideas about faith. The same happens within his body, which undergoes natural transformations and adaptations from kid to adult, as well as a chronicle pain from a kidney stone that torments him all day. Isaac’s only reaction to these problems is wandering through the city streets in search for some answers, a moment of inspiration, or just a temporary feeling of stability. With a stylized setting and a smart use of symbolism that provides the story with the necessary density, The Wanderer mixes expressionism and a raw portrait of how a men get formed.

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