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Film info: Perro muerto

Film Information

Original Title Perro muerto
English Title Dead Dog
Director Camilo Becerra
Year 2010
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 97 min
  • Rocío Monasterio, Rafael Ávila, Daniel Antivilo, Cristián Parker, Sofía Gómez.
  • Guión: Sofía Gómez, Camilo Becerra
  • Fotografía: Marco Roldán
  • Montaje: Camilo Becerra, Sofía Gómez, Marco Roldán
  • Producción: Camilo Becerra, Marco Roldán


Alejandra is a young single mother who sells clothes and lives with her son in a working class neighborhood in Santiago, in the house that was owned by her son’s recently deceased great grandmother, who they both used to take care of. When the boy’s grandfather, Braulio, decides to sell the house, Alejandra must find another place to live, and so she faces the choice of either take charge of her son or keep on living the teenage life she’s clinging to. Camilo Becerra’s debut feature is first focused in Alejandra (a great performance by Rocio Monasterio) and then gradually moves towards the complicated relationship between Alejandra and her father in law. Dead Dog’s surface features a raw image with conflicted characters. Beneath that surface there’s a film convinced about cinema’s narrative power to tell a story about family bonding that shows how you can be independent, have a low budget, and still not shy away from emotions.

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