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Film info: Ocaso

Film Information

Original Title Ocaso
English Title Decline
Director Théo Court
Year 2010
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 80 min
  • Rafael Vázquez, Álvaro Bustamante, Nano Vázquez.
  • Guión: Théo Court
  • Fotografía: Mauro Herce
  • Montaje: Manolo Muñoz
  • Producción: Laura A. Guzmán, Israel Cárdenas, Oscar Bustamante


Rafael is a butler who lives with his employer in an old farmhouse in the Chilean countryside. He’s old, but still carries on with his domestic chores with the same tenacity. Although he does it a bit slower than decades before, he minds the soil, carries the fire wood, and checks they don’t run out of fresh water. The future seems effortlessly predictable, like a fade to black at the end of a story with no surprises. Or at least that’s what it seemed until the film breaks in half, because the decline of the title takes place a lot sooner than the film’s ending. Actually, it begins with some background noise, like on a construction site, and is followed by images of workers painting and loading materials into the house and invading the butler’s territory. Faced with this uncertain situation, Rafael will have to make a decision regarding his future, through an aimless trip that will be as concrete as introspective.

Date and Times

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