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Film info: Diário de uma busca

Film Information

Original Title Diário de uma busca
English Title Diary, Letters, Revolutions
Director Flávia Castro
Year 2010
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 105 min
  • João Paulo Macedo e Castro, Sandra Macedo
  • Guión: Flávia Castro
  • Fotografía: Paulo Castiglioni
  • Montaje: Flávia Castro
  • Producción: Flavio Tambellini, Estelle Fialon, Flávia Castro


October, 1984. Celso Castro, a journalist with a long history of left-wing activism, is found dead in the apartment of a former Nazi official he had broken in to. Police says he committed suicide; the evidence proves he didn’t. The episode, worthy of a thriller, is the starting point for Flávia Castro –the daughter of Celso and director of this film– to reconstruct the life and death story of this special man. It’s a journey through time and geography: the filmmaker goes back to Porto Alegre, Santiago, Buenos Aires, and Paris in search of the places her family went through, as well as the hope and failure of a political project. The result is a powerful and moving documentary that masterly combines police intrigue, testimonies from family and fellow activists, and a story told in the first person about a childhood spent between exile and armed conflict. The intertwined voices of Celso (taken from his letters) and his daughter build this intimate portrait of a relationship marked by History and absence.

Date and Times

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