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Film info: Blame

Film Information

Original Title Blame
English Title Blame
Director Michael Henry
Year 2010
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 89 min
  • Damian de Montemas, Sophie Lowe, Kestie Morassi, Simon Stone, Mark Leonard Winter
  • Guión: Michael Henry
  • Fotografía: Torstein Dyrting
  • Montaje: Meredith Watson Jeffrey
  • Producción: Ryan Hodgson, Melissa Kelly, Michael Robinson


Tense, and with a very enigmatic first part, this Australian thriller shoots out dry and rapid violence without much introduction. And then it goes on without much explanation. After the initial shock passed, we can set the elements in order: there’s a teacher and an isolated house, that sort of isolation we saw in many Australian films. Of course, an isolated home in one of those unmistakable Australian landscapes. It would be somewhat unfair to this kind of cinema if we were to say more about the plot of the film, which delivers lots of intrigue and surprise and then provides smart dosages of reasons and explanations. So let’s just say the action is very concentrated in time and that it takes place during the day, with a clearly Australian kind of daylight. Also, there are some neat young men all dressed in the same color, some conflict, strong decisions, and concealment; and violence practically electrifies the whole story.

Date and Times

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