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Film info: Letter to a Child

Film Information

Original Title Letter to a Child
English Title Letter to a Child
Director Vlado Skafar
Year 2008
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 100 min
  • Guión: Vlado Skafar
  • Fotografía: Ales Belak
  • Montaje: Vlado Skafar
  • Producción: Petra Vidmar


The premise is original, although is so ample that putting up together a documentary –to call it somehow– as precise and moving as Letter to a Child, is quite an accomplishment. A series of random people are interviewed on camera about their interests, alone or in groups. Or something like that, because there’s no questionnaire or precise method. The only certainty we find out as the film goes on is that every person is a bit older then the one before, a path that goes from unconcerned kids at the beginning to the old man who closes the film reciting a poem by Slovenian poet France Preseren. In that progression, the problems and concerns change from professional and personal dreams, friendship, and love, to the upbringing of children, and concerns about old age and death. This way, as it happened with the classic Chronique d'un été –which somehow inspired Letter to a Child– the people interviewed open their hearts to the camera. Few times a film has given a stronger impression of having captured the essence of a vital experience.

Date and Times

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