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Film info: Burrowing

Film Information

Original Title Burrowing
English Title Burrowing
Director Fredrik Wenzel & Henrik Hellström
Year 2009
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 77 min
  • Sebastian Eklund, Jörgen Svensson, Hannes Sandahl, Marek Kostrzewski, Bodil Wessberg.
  • Guión: Henrik Hellström, Fredrik Wenzel
  • Fotografía: Fredrik Wenzel
  • Montaje: Henrik Hellström, Fredrik Wenzel
  • Producción: Erika Wasserman


Sebastian lives with her mother in a quiet Swedish town. He observes his neighborhood and neighbors from an elevated position. There’s Jimmy, who lives with his parents, even when he has a baby and is not allowed to have the keys of the house because he’s not to be trusted. There’s Anders, a young business man who just got a permit to build a parking lot. And there’s Mischa, a man who got there in the ‘70s as a migrant worker and never left. Sebastian interacts with each one of them and observes the surroundings. Through the childish way he sees the bourgeois organization of life and the mysterious beating of a strange force, Wenzel and Hellström manage to takes us deep into a tension that is as current as inexplicable. A possible answer might lie in the huge forest surrounding the town. Or in the quotes by Henry David Thoreau that both introduces and closes the story: they hint the fact that just like the claws and snouts of animals are essential for their survival, human beings’ mind might be their only tool to face so much suffocating violence.

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