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Film info: El casamiento

Film Information

Original Title El casamiento
English Title The Marriage
Director Aldo Garay
Year 2011
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 71 min
  • Guión: Aldo Garay
  • Fotografía: Germán De León, Nicolás Soto
  • Montaje: Federico La Rosa
  • Producción: Yvonne Ruocco


In the outskirts of Montevideo, Julia Brian lives together with Ignacio in a suburban existent marked by old age, although they resist it by force of a love connection that has faced almost everything. Julia is a 65 year-old transsexual who waited her whole life until the Uruguayan State recognized her gender identity in 2005, even when her sexual reassignment surgery had been performed in a public hospital in 1993. Today, the couple is hoping to get married after twenty years of living together. Aldo Garay had already made a short film with Ignacio and Julia, and he finds them again in all the density of their relationship which is constantly trying to step off the mark and move forward with a unique strength. A documentary with a virtuous eye pointed at intimacy, it traces the vicissitudes of survival on the margins and delivers a live portrait of an atypical family with no use of discourse, explanatory voices or ideological corset. Because Garay, Julia, and Ignacio don’t follow any sort of correction; instead, they assume the virtues, defeats, and contradictions inherent to desire.

Date and Times

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