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Film info: The Good Life

Film Information

Original Title The Good Life
English Title The Good Life
Director Eva Mulvad
Year 2010
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 86 min
  • Anne Mette Beckmann, Mette Beckmann
  • Fotografía: Eva Mulvad
  • Montaje: Adam Nielsen
  • Producción: Sigrid Dyekjaer


Two grown women, a mother and a daughter, live in the sunny coast of Portugal. They’ve always had a fortune allowing them to keep up the frivolous “good life” of the title under a principle that is yearned for many but only reached by a few: lots of pleasure and no work. Until one day the money disappears, leaving no trace or explanation other than the wild spending of the past. Faced with the collapse of her world, the daughter will have to go out and find a job, with an empty resume and an insufferable rich girl attitude (at fifty-some) as her only skill. Eva Mulvad followed this strange couple for three years, shooting hours and hours of footage in order to put up a huge documentary about a tiny tragedy. And she could very well have used a tone like “this is what happens when you…”, but instead avoids common places and builds a charmingly relaxed film with no social agenda in sight. Thanks to the freedom of its focus, The Good Life is an ideal counterpoint to so much of that denunciation cinema that sprung after the global financial crisis. And of course, it’s also a great tribute to the Maysles’ brothers Grey Gardens.

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