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Film info: Creo que te amo

Film Information

Original Title Creo que te amo
English Title I Think I Love You
Director German Greco
Year 2011
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 70 min
  • Juan Pablo Bava, Gastón Olmos, Mora Sánchez Viamonte, Félix Sisti Ripoll, Javier Sisti Ripoll, Miguel Ward.
  • Guión: Germán Greco, Conrado Taina
  • Fotografía: Conrado Taina
  • Montaje: Andrés Melo
  • Producción: Javier Sisti Ripoll, Conrado Taina


Released in 2010 and rightfully regarded as one of the top records of the year, the second album by 107 Faunos placed a bet on the uncertainty of its title, that “I think” that carries the affirmative benefit of the doubt. Seeing is believing the rustic pop songs that feature the shortness of primitive punk rock and the melody of an uncertain future that looks like avant-garde but actually jumps on you in advance, and even digs a breakthrough tunnel to go out and float around the overtime. With the same title and spirit as the record, the band stars in their rock opera of young people floating through La Plata with a homeless detachment towards the present. Free from any current circumstances, with no cell phones or internet –and yet no nostalgia or retro look–, the film creates its own vanishing freedom even from the margins of the city and their own roots, so we can experience being different, escape from stuffy topics (of rock, suburban sensibility, and teen spirit) and know there will be a shelter in a generational epic of friendship, which thanks to 107 Faunos can now be sang and inhabited with no rules, poses, or ending.

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