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Film info: Twenty Cigarettes

Film Information

Original Title Twenty Cigarettes
English Title Twenty Cigarettes
Director James Benning
Year 2011
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 99 min
  • Sompot Chidgasornpongse, Francesca Sloane, Tedi Gentry, Thom Andersen, Stephan Pascher
  • Fotografía: James Benning
  • Montaje: James Benning


Unlike RR and Ruhr, the last two films by James Benning screened in this festival, his new feature seems to be structured according to the same well established parameters, but now there’s a drastic change in the setting: Twenty Cigarette’s landscape is facial, human. Yes, the logic of this film is fully based on twenty faces of twenty smokers as they consume twenty cigarettes. Just like in other Benning films (only different) each one of these apparently flat and monotonous screen tests is recorded by a camera that follows and transforms the bodies it captures, and reveals a possible story about human behavior to an audience who will get a view of everyday life with first-time power. A long-time humorist, the Benning in Twenty Cigarettes is also a filmmaker who pays tribute to an illustrious tradition of which he’s a also a member by its own merits: many will leave the theater convinced that the origin for all this was there in the similar exercises performed by one Andy Warhol more than 40 years ago.

Date and Times

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