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Film info: La peli de Batato

Film Information

Original Title La peli de Batato
English Title Batato's Movie
Directors Goyo Anchou
Peter Pank
Year 2011
Format Betacam
Colour Color + B&W
Duration 150 min
  • Peter Pank, Batato Barea, Alejandro Urdapilleta, Cristina Moreira, Tino Tinto
  • Guión: Santiago Van Dam
  • Fotografía: Alejandro Millán Pastori
  • Montaje: Goyo Anchou
  • Producción: Mad Crampi


Few bodies were able to hold the joy and pain of the ‘80s democratic spring and the exit from the military dictatorship in order to search for a new path without cancelling memory. Batato Barea, the “clown/intellectual/transvestite” was a genius of the underground scene who was able to represent all the nuances of a changing country with his own poetic radicalism, in such a unique way that it made him irreplaceable. That paradox is the basis for this documentary by Peter Pank and Goyo Anchou, two authors in search of a character and his legacy, but also his irreplaceable presence and instantaneous, evanescent theatricality, which challenged every mandate and convention. With every testimony by people who witnessed, stimulate, and second Batato –but also in the dark tapes from the under scene– the directors find a light that reflects and illuminates the different sides of a libertarian life that helped tearing down the walls that separated theater from life, poetry from everyday life, the masculine from the feminine, and the routine from the exception.


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