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Film info: Mujermujer

Film Information

Original Title Mujermujer
English Title
Director Ernesto Baca
Year 2010
Format Super8
Colour Color + B&W
Duration 64 min
  • Natalia Legarreta
  • Guión: Ernesto Baca
  • Fototgrafía: Ernesto Baca
  • Montaje: Ernesto Baca
  • Producción: Ernesto Baca, Luis Marte


Shot and screened in Super 8 featuring live music, every screening of mujermujer turns the film into something unique and unrepeatable. With no need of a story to subscribe to, the film is centered on a woman. Actually, she’s more along the extremes than in the center. Because the film is apparently trying to catch up with someone who’s constantly distant, whether that person is escaping forward or hiding inside the past in the form of flashbacks and dreams. Making a varied use of typical resources from experimental cinema (film scratching, overprinting, frame to frame photography), Baca’s latest film continues the journey he started out with his previous films while containing all of them inside. Filled with visual and personal ideas (a variety of cultures, beliefs, and ways to live), mujermujer features a crafty cinema and works as a kaleidoscope where every spectator is able to appreciate different versions of it. And it does so while providing a new meaning to the adjective in “work of art”.

Date and Times

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