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Film info: Un ovni sobre mi cama

Film Information

Original Title Un ovni sobre mi cama
English Title
Director Pablo Oliverio
Year 2011
Format Betacam
Colour Color + B&W
Duration 120 min
  • Javier Santa Cruz, Martín Córdoba, Eric Calzado, Mike Huberk, Adrián Sett
  • Guión: Pablo Oliverio
  • Fotografía: Pablo Oliverio
  • Montaje: Pablo Oliverio
  • Producción: Andrés De Luca, Pablo Oliverio


An ultra technological and dirty world where aliens not only coexist but blend in with Earthlings and yet are persecuted by a society based on disciplinary control that observes people’s every move in a Buenos Aires with dark, broken streets. A cartographer lies in the eye of the storm of this dystopian future, as he can’t decide whether to collaborate with that controlling State or to participate in a resistance movement that wants to liberate the city. And among all that tension, the hope for love comes in like an oasis, even if it’s an interplanetary one. Pablo Oliverio imagines a future that is very close to our reality, where homoerotism coexists with a particular waste-made production design. Kind of cartonera science fiction that has some influence of Gregg Araki but carries on its own spirit thanks to its speed, its particular passion for recycling, and a plot that celebrates diverse desire without shame or boundaries.

Date and Times

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