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Film info: The Last Revenge

Film Information

Original Title The Last Revenge
English Title The Last Revenge
Director Rainer Kirberg
Year 1981
Format Digibeta
Colour B&W
Duration 85 min
  • Erwin Leder, Gerhard Kittler, Josef Ostendorf, Volker Niederfahrenhorst, Anke Gieseke
  • Guión: Rainer Kirberg
  • Fotografía: Hans-Peter Böffgen
  • Montaje: Rainer Kirberg
  • Producción: Julius Leufen, Joachim Rüsenberg


The Last Revenge narrates the eventful tale of the Worldly, an adventurer who enters the service of an ageing ruler in order to seek for him a successor. Unable to find a worthy heir, the Worldly succumbs to the temptation to seize power himself. But the ruler, however, thwarts his plan and uses the Worldly, by means of a scientific experiment, to attain immortality. First broadcast in 1982 on West Germany's TV, The Last Revenge rapidly achieved cult status amongst film connoisseurs throughout Europe and the United States. Almost thirty years following that first showing, the film has continued to attract audiences, with repeated performances all over the world. Its exceptional blend of expressionist character drama, comic strip, film noir and pop musical ensures the undeniable fact that Rainer Kirberg's first film remains to this day a stylistically unparalleled work in the annals of recent German independent film.

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