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Film info: Look at What the Light Did Now

Film Information

Original Title Look at What the Light Did Now
English Title Look at What the Light Did Now
Director Anthony Seck
Year 2010
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 87 min
  • Leslie Feist, Mary Rozzi, Patrick Daughters, Simone Rubi, Clea Minaker
  • Fotografía: Anthony Seck
  • Montaje: Holle Singer
  • Producción: Jannie McInnes


In 2007, singer-songwriter Leslie Feist was lucky enough to have the video of her song “1234” selected to advertise the iPod Nano, which made her famous overnight. An old acquaintance of the boiling Canadian scene –she was a member of Broken Social Scene–, the girl who could be the daughter of a hypothetical gay marriage between Patti Smith and Julie Andrews made her breakthrough with her own band, Feist, and is a special guest in many records by Wilco and her friend Peaches. Feist pays a lot of attention to her visual surroundings, both in videos and the setting of her concerts, and she surrounds herself with collaborators as important as the musicians. This documentary follows the process of recording and promotion of The Reminder –that album that exploded thanks to the iPod– and features producer Chilly Gonzales and BSS member Kevin Drew, who would summon her again. But the most featured person is visual artist Clea Minaker, whose work with puppets and projections is so essential for the band she shares the stage like any other musician during the shows.

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