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Film info: Novembre

Film Information

Original Title Novembre
English Title November
Director Abel Davoine
Year 2010
Format Betacam
Colour Color
Duration 99 min
  • Guión: Abel Davoine
  • Fotografía: Abel Davoine
  • Montaje: Stéphanie Perrin, Abel Davoine
  • Producción: Cornelia Hummel, Abel Davoine, Olivier Bohler


In a town located on the Jura mountain chain in the northern Swiss Alps, an old house accommodates two people: a mother and her son, who live isolated from the world. She’s almost ninety years-old, and he’s a little over sixty. Both have long uncolored hair and seem to live constantly waiting for something. But what is it? A big portion of Novembre’s documentary weight lies in never revealing that answer, as if that wasn’t even interesting. No: Abel Davoine’s film avoids any attempt of stating a conflict or plot-nod, and chooses to maintain an observational quietness, because that turns his family portrait into an ecstatic album with barely noticeable variations, instead of a chronologically sequenced record. If it didn’t sound so ambiguous and bold, you might even say Novembre is a film that abandons itself to the logic of the most exasperatingly fruitful waiting. Luckily for many, there’s still room in cinema for the simple becoming of images.

Date and Times

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